Mass Preparation

SACRISTY Looking after all the requirements for Worship. Preparing the Church for Mass according to the liturgical calendar and liturgical season. Highlighting the liturgical themes with appropriate banners. Cleaning the liturgical vessels and making sure that all things required for worship are in order and well stocked.  Contact: Frances Sorensen

CHURCH CLEANING – Duties include cleaning the Church, Sacristy areas, reconciliation room and toilets.  Cleaning is done on a Saturday morning and all equipment is provided.  The cleaning roster is divided into teams of four. Contact: Parish Secretary.


September 19th 2020 to January 16th 2021

May 16th 2020 to September 12th 2020

FLOWER ARRANGING – The parish has an abundant supply of artificial flower arrangements which are interchanged as needed.  Sacristans look after all that is needed for a meaningful liturgy. New Helpers are most welcome.  Contact:   Frances Sorensen