Marriage and Annulment

Western Australia’s regional Tribunal for all formal cases of marriage annulment and for all Archdiocesan-related judicial and administrative cases – Archdiocesan Tribunal Office

Article from Envoy Magazine If you’re married and on Facebook, you should read this.

Entry in the Catholic Encyclopaedia on The Sacrament of Marriage

Archbishop Costelloe’s Pastoral Letter on Same-Sex Marriage

Some extracts from C.S. Lewis’ classic book, “Mere Christianity” in which he reflects on “being in love” vs practising real marital love.

Article from Catholic Answers magazine from May 2016, Contraception’s Dark Fruits

Audio of Catholic Answers Radio interview with apologist Jim Blackburn on “Marriage, Divorce and Annulment”

Audio of Bishop Fulton Sheen’s excellent talk “Three to Get Married”

Audio of Greg and Julie Alexander talking about how they saved their marriage – Catholic 911

Video from Catholic Answers – Same-sex “marriage”  – Tim Staples discusses what the Catholic Church teaches about same-sex “marriage” and why it is a non-negotiable moral issue.

Article from Catholic Answers – Answering common questions about annulment

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